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cheap Kettlebell
NamePu Competition Kettlebell
PackPoly bag
The competition kettlebells are all the same size, so you can use consistent techniques for training when lifting weights. These kettlebells have great stability. Develop strength individually or in pairs.
Each weight is finished in a different color for quick and easy identification of the weight.
All weights are of the same size and size, regardless of weight, the flat base of the kettlebell can be better controlled.
Competitive kettlebells are the global standard for kettlebells. Professional standard competition results. The weight varies from 8kg to 28kg.
Although the production of competition kettlebells meets the competition standards, many gym operators and people at home still like them because it allows users to maintain the same grip strength, exercise style and feel, because they must all have the same size and color Logo. Standards compliant.
General-Kettlebell can target specific muscle groups or whole body exercises.
Features-The wide open handle ensures a comfortable grip with one or both hands. The flat bottom is convenient for safe storage, and can be used for specific flat-bottomed kettlebell exercises, such as traitors and inverted stands.
Functionality-great for swings, deadlifts, squats, getting up, grabbing and other sports or cross training exercises.cheap Kettlebell

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