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CNC Creep Feed Double-headed Profile Grinding Machine manufacturers
Our History
1. On November 3rd of 1951, according to the development of the national economy, with the capital of 450,000,000 yuan(coverted to new currency 45,000 yuan), Hangzhou Municipal People&#37413;&#27290; Government purchased the Private Hangzhou Large Iron-smelting Works which was then renamed as &#37413;&#28135;ublic Hangzhou Iron Works&#37413;? with the construction area of 1,373.4m2 and 25 employees.
2. On November 23rd of 1957 , approved by the higher authorities, the name was changed as &#37413;&#28119;angzhou Machine Tool Works&#37413;? which at that time had 93 facilities and 565 employees, and the gross industrial output value reached RMB 1,695,560.
3. From 1958, assigned as the fixed point to produce the surface grinding machines by the First Machine Building Industry and formally determining the surface grinding machines and the bench drilling machines as the leading products.
4. On January 30th of 1959, the first M7130 surface grinder was successfully manufactured. After that, the production of the surface grinders developed rapidly, products ranging from single M7130 surface grinder to carriage-mobile precision surface grinder, double-column grinder, spline grinder, roll grinder, internal and external circular grinders, broach grinder and broaching hob machine, etc.
5. In 1960, the surface grinding machines and bench drilling machines began to be exported.
6. In 1982, it was authorized the national key enterprise by Machine Building Ministry.
7. In 1985, MM7132A precision surface grinder with the horizontal grinding wheel spindle and rectangular reciprocating table was awarded the silver medal of the state-recognized quality products. After that, HZ-150 and MM7120A were awarded the ministry-recoganized quality products and M7150H and M7132H were awarded the province-recognized quality products as well. It became the biggest surface grinding machine manufacturing factory in our country.
8. On December 28th of 2001, Hangzhou Machine Tool Works and Hangzhou Radio Special-purpose Equipment No.1 Factory conducted joint transformation, constructing Hangzhou Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. With the state-owned capital completely withdrawing from the enterprise, it was changed from &#37413;&#28135;ublic&#37413;?into &#37413;&#28135;rivate&#37413;?
9. In October of 2008, finishing building the production base of the large-scale and formally putting it into production. In November of 2008, completing the relocation of the company , with the former employees of Hangzhou Machine Tool Works (Hangji Group) who produced Hangzhou Brand Surface Grinding Machines, the processing equipments, and the intellectual property rights all transferred to Hangzhou Hangji Group Co., Ltd. At the end of the year, Hangzhou Fengqi Machine Tool Co., Ltd formally changed its name as Hangzhou Hangji Co., Ltd.
On December 24th , 2018, Hangzhou Hangji Co., Ltd officially renamed as Zhejiang Hangji Co., Ltd.
Our Factory
Zhejiang Hangji Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (HMTCL) is an equipment manufacturing enterprise specializing in developing and manufacturing large-scale CNC precision grinding machines. It is established and invested by Hangzhou Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. (Originally ZHEJIANG MACHINE TOOL WORKS) which has a history of 60 years. Located in Zhejiang Lin&#37413;&#27267;n Economic Development Zone, our company covers an area of 300 mu(1mu=666.666sq. M) and floor area of 100,000 square meters. The total asset is 800 million yuan and the registered capital is 292 million yuan.

Our Product
With the core industry of various kinds of surface grinding machines and the key products including CNC high-precision double-column surface grinding machine, CNC high-precision double column guideway grinding machine, CNC high-precision combined grinding machine with vertical spindle, CNC high-precision profile grinding machine etc., our company is the Leading Backbone Enterprise of the china machine tool industry and the Key Cultivate Enterprise of the equipment manufacturing industry of Zhejiang province.

Product Application
Surface grinding is used to produce a smooth finish on flat surfaces. It is a widely used abrasive machining process in which a spinning wheel covered in rough particles (grinding wheel) cuts chips of metallic or nonmetallic substance from a workpiece, making a face of it flat or smooth.
We serve processing each pieces of automobile, tools, defense,motors,valves,aerospace and textile etc.
Our Certificate
Taking science and technology innovation as motive power and as the provincial technology research and development center, our company is devoted to cooperation among industry, university and research and continuously enhancing and promoting the core-competitiveness. Upholding the grinding technology essence of 60-year experience accumulated by Hangzhou Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. (Originally Hangzhou Machine Tool Works) and all its proprietary intellectual property rights of machine tool manufacturing, our company owns 29 national patents and is the national and industrial standard constitutor of four major surface grinding machines with horizontal spindle and rectangular table, vertical spindle and rectangular table, creepfeed profile grinding machine, double column grinding machine.
Our company lays emphasis on technical transformation. After introducing the advanced key equipments and instruments such as Japan Mazak FH-8800 Horizontal machining Center and FH-10800 Machining Center, US Renishaw laser interferometer, Swiss STUDER high-precision cylindrical grinding machine, etc., the process equipments reaches the advanced level and the flexible capacity is greatly improved, which can meet the requirements of multi-variety and small-batch production as well as quality supervision of special-purpose large-scale CNC machine tool.
&#37413;&#28119;angzhou brand&#37413;?grinding machine is the Zhejiang Famous brand and Zhejiang famous trademark as well as the most competitive brand in Chinese market by the Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C. The new products of Large-scale CNC Precision Curved-surface profile grinding machine with Linear Rolling Guideway, CNC Precision Shear Knife profile grinding machine, CNC Linear Rolling Guideway Special-purpose grinding machine and CNC creepfeed profile grinding machine for arc blade shroud, etc.are respectively accredited as the First Domestic Product (Series) and created number of new records among Chinese enterprises.

Enterprise Honours
1. The Core Competitive Star of China Machine Building Industry.
2. The top-ten Independent Innovation Enterprise of China Machine Tool Industry.
3. The Secretariat member of National Machine Tool and Electric Standard Committee and the decision-maker of the National standard and the industry standard of the four types of grinding machines, i.e., grinding machines with the horizontal grinding wheel spindle and rectangular reciprocating table, the grinding machines with the vertical grinding wheel spindle and rectangular reciprocating table, heavy-power forming grinding machines, and gantry grinding machines.
4. The national advanced enterprise of implementing the user-satisfactory engineerings.
5. The excellent enterprise of technical innovation and scientific and technological progress in Zhejiang Province.
6. High-tech enterprise of Zhejiang Province.
7. The key-fosterd enterprise of Zhejiang equipment manufacturing.
8. Our technology center was authorized as Zhejiang Provincial technology center.
9. Our technology group was selected as the key technology innovation group of Zhejiang Province.
10. Our products has passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality management international standard certification.
11. Hangzhou Time-honored brand enterprise.
12. ERP was awarded the first prize of Hangzhou Industry and Enterprise Informatization Programm.
13. The Patent Pilot Demonstration Enterprise of Hangzhou City.
Product Awards
1. Hangzhou Brand grinding machines were awarded the most competitive brand of China by the Ministry of Commerce.
2. CNC Gantry Surface Grinding Machines were listed as the National Key New Products and National Torch Plan Project.
3. CNC Forming Grinding Machine,etc. have created several new records of Chinese enterprises.
4. MKL7150&#33075;16/2 CNC Heavy-power Forming Grinding Machine was awarded the &#37413;&#28115;xcellent Cooperation Project of Domestic CNC Machine Tool&#37413;?by National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
5. MKF2000/1 CNC Vertical Compound Grinder was awarde the Excellent Cooperation Project of Domestic CNC Machine Tool Applied Energy Equipment.
6. Surface grinder of Hangzhou was recognized as a brand-name products in Zhejiang Province.
7. Surface grinder of Hangzhou was recognized as a famous brand of Zhejiang Province.
8. MKL7150X16 / 2 seven five axis CNC form grinding machine in Zhejiang Province won the first industrial design competition gold medal.
9. Large linear rolling guideway for precision surface NC grinding machine HZ-088 CNC forming National Ministry 2009 major special project of science and technology.
10. MKC7150x 50precision CNC cutting blade forming machine, HZ-078CNC NC Linear Rolling Guideway Grinder MKL7150x16/ 2 circular leaf crown CNC forming machine and other 3 machine respectively to obtain the key field of first domestic product identification (set).
11. PMS-006 CNC insert grinder, was awarded the second prize of science and technology of Zhejiang Province machinery industry. MKL7156X16, MKL7120X6 CNC form grinding machine series, and was awarded the third prize of science and technology in Hangzhou City.
12. MKB7025 large CNC orbital plate grinder, won the first prize of Science and Technology Award in 2010, Hangzhou, China Machinery Industry Science and Technology second prize in 2010. CNC Creep Feed Double-headed Profile Grinding Machine manufacturers

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