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cqe0217Posté 09/09/2020 09:40

Hongyu Group consists of two factories, Hubei Hongzhanxin Electronics Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Hongjixin Plastic & Electronics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Hongjixin was established in 2003, was the first plant of Hongyu, Hongzhanxin established in 2009, was the second plant of Hongyu.
Hongzhanxin factory covers an area of more than 45,000 square meters and employs more than 400 people. It is a company integrating product development, mold design, mold manufacturing, stamping, injection molding, extrusion, assembly, testing, sales and service. Senior business. The company mainly produces all kinds of connectors, computer peripheral data cables, signal cables, security cables, various network cables, high-definition data cables for LCD screens, computer connectors and peripheral connectors. And in December 2019, the production, wholesale and sales of Class I and II medical protection products such as medical masks, surgical caps and isolation gown were added.
Adhering to the quality policy of "full participation, continuous improvement, excellence, customer satisfaction", the company adheres to the international trend and keeps forging ahead, based on the principles of reliable product quality and excellent performance-price ratio, winning domestic and foreign Customers trusts, products are exported to overseas countries. The company will continue to launch more comprehensive products to return the love and support of all users. We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit us for guidance, negotiate with us, and work together to create a win-win situation!SATA 3.0 Data Cable 50cm Orange Free Sample